Thurs-Sat | 3-7pm

We will be offering a great take out menu and we’re taking extra precautions to ensure you, and our staff, remain safe and healthy! Chef Cutty is offering our new Take + Bake menu featuring items that are fully cooked and just need to be reheated at home. You can place orders online at home after 9:00am Wednesday through Saturday here: ORDER ONLINE Schedule your pickup time between 3-7pm. Curbside pickup only!

This week’s menu includes:

Big Valley Burger – Local beef burger, juicy medium well, topped with mushroom medley, and Stone Meadow Farm Cheese on a brioche bun, with crispy potatoes with pub cheese

Wild Ramp Hummus Wrap – Wild Forged Ramp Hummus, spinach, sprouts, and sunflower seed wrap with herbed lentil salad

You can show some extra support by purchasing an online gift card. Use them now, or in the future. Check out our offers: GIFT CARD OPTIONS

We’re also now offering growler/crowler punch cards. Grab a card with your next purchase. Score 10 punches, get a free fill!

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