Sun MAR 15 @ 5:00pm

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Roar and Jangle~ You’ll hear the name of this fresh new duo in the dynamic, brilliant mastery of Noe Socha’s guitar and harmonica playing complimenting Stacia Abernatha’s rich, soulful voice.

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Boasting powerful vocals & dizzying guitar work, the two perform an amalgam of American roots genres, from widely beloved jazz numbers to blues, folk and country tunes, and original music, all with a gypsy twist. It’s evident to each audience that Stacia and Noe have a genuinely great time performing together, taking improvisational liberties that keep the performance fresh and exciting from one tune to the next.

Noé Socha is a Brooklyn-based guitar and harmonica player originally from the small town of Carpi, Italy. He is influenced by folk artists such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Delta blues musicians such as Mississippi John Hurt, Muddy Waters, and Lightnin’ Hopkins plus a hint of Hendrix-esque flavor. Noé has created his own signature sound, pairing fiery guitar technique with virtuosic harmonica playing.

After winning several awards at Berklee College of Music including the ”Jimi Hendrix Award” for the college’s leading guitarist and the “Billboard Magazine Endowed Scholarship” presented to the college’s top student, Noé has had the great honor of touring, performing, and recording with artists such as Nona Hendrix (Labelle), Vernon Reid (Living Color), and GRAMMY Award-Winners, Javier Limón and Paula Cole. Noe plays regularly at clubs in New York City, where he resides. He leads a fun, high-energy surf rock trio called The New York Gremmies, plays with his friend Cliff as The Likho Duo, and sits in as lead guitarist for many different jazz, blues, rock and swing bands in NYC. Noe came to Boston as a teenager from Carpi, Italy to study at Berklee College of Music, where he first attended a program called the Assisted Music Technology Lab. Being blind himself, Noe learned to use technology that allows him to produce music with no assistance from others. He continued to be involved as a teacher in this program, and continues to advocate for other blind artists or otherwise handicapped musicians in the performance and music education industry.

Stacia Abernatha is a singer songwriter from Williamsport, PA. She’s performed three consecutive years at The Billtown Blues Festival (leading The Billtown Blues Gospel Showcase in 2019) and has shared the stage with legendary blues artists Billy Price and The Nighthawks. She’s a 3-year alum at The Silkroad’s Global Musician Workshop, performing with American folk artists Abigail Washburn, Bruce Molsky & Celia Woodsmith. Stacia plays regularly in a duo with local musician Sean Farley, and as a duo with her colleague at The Uptown Music Collective, Ben Geise. She teaches vocal performance at The Uptown Music Collective.

Noe and Stacia met as participants at the International Blues Challenge in 2018 in Memphis. Stacia heard him play as The Likho Duo with his good friend Cliff Schmitt on bass. They’ve stayed in touch, playing music together ever since.

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