Sun AUG 11 @ 5:00pm

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The sounds bring to life a soulful accounting of human conditions in a blues-driven Americana style. FEEL is the key ingredient as well as the inevitable result in the experiencing of the Shane Hall sound.Travel, experience and growth have shaped this artist and the undeniable real honesty that resonates clear and present, resonating with everyone in some way shape or form. Powerful vocals and uniques guitar style are the tools used to express vision and perspective. This whole sonic experience is a product of a lifetime commitment to the creation and performance of music you can feel, and makes you feel.

WINNER: City Beat San Diego, Best of SD: Best Singer/Songwriter 2018

Robert Plant, Foo Fighters, Buddy Guy, Blonde, Billy Idol, Halsey, Post Malone, Nick Hexum (311), Melissa Etheridge, SYML, Band of Heathens, PEPPER, TWISTA, The Nappy Roots, The Teskey Brothers,12 Stones, Aerial Down, Aggressive Dogs, Nathan James, The Highway Men Show, Murphys Law, Sheer Terror, Thomas Wynn and the Believers, Trouble in The Wind, Taken By Canadians

Shane Hall has developed a sound all his own. His hybrid of Blues, Soul and Americana styles strike you instantly and resonate with you long after the performance. The songs and music are products and accounts of the human conditions we all face, good bad and ugly.
The sounds are a soulful accounting of love, loss, affliction, joy, rage, peace, loneliness, fear trials, enlightenment, and darkness coming to life from a blues driven Americana style.
Travel, experience and growth has shaped this sound and the undeniable feel that resonates clear and present meeting everyone somewhere personal on their own way.

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