SUN OCT 28 @ 5pm

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The band describes it’s sounds as “Honky-Tonkabilly Swing” and it captures the energy and excitement of the 1950’s ¬†dancehalls. High-energy songs, a swingin rhythm section, an authentic vintage twangy guitar, and larger-than-life punch from the lead singer, Rodeo Serenade compels listeners to get to their feet and twist, hop, jive and stroll the night away. Drawing on influences from Patsy Cline, Hank Williams Sr., and just about every artist to record at Sun Records in the 1950, Rodeo Serenade bring to life an era of music full of raw energy good feelings.

“Rodeo Serenade plays a feisty mixture of roots sounds, spanning early rock’n’roll to roots country, honky-tonk, Texas swing and more. They capture the sound, mood and even some of the look of that 1950s era when rock’n’roll was born. They trigger dancing…during their sets; Rodeo Serenade (is) a lot of fun.” – PA Musician Magazine.


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