Thur MAY 24 @ 7:30pm

Helping to keep America’s roots alive, the Broken Spokes play an organic blend of old time traditional Americana with special attention paid to Pennsylvania and local history. Songs and comedic stories shine light on a nearly forgotten era still brimming with life. Come one out for trip back in time with The Broken Spokes and the foot stompin’ tunes of yesteryear.
The Broken Spokes, old time duo have played many events preserving Pennsylvania culture, from the Kutztown Folk Festival, to Goundhog Lodges, Grange and County fairs, to film soundtracks and international cultural festivals and are now pleased to announce their performance at Elk Creek Cafe.

NOTE: Our Thursday Night Pub Hang is a down-home musical scene. Hosted by local musicians, sittin’ in, mixin’ it up most nights. No cover – the pickers are playing for their love of music, our food ‘n’ brews + your tips!

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