Thurs APR 7 @ 7:30pm

20th CD released, A Mountain Man’s Dream, by Pennsylvania songwriter Van Wagner

A message from Van himself:
In the mid-1990’s I started writing folk songs about life, love, and heritage in Pennsylvania. My goal was to write, record, and release 1 album a year. This week, I am releasing my 20th CD release “A Mountain Man’s Dream.”

The album features 13 acoustic songs. “Pennsylvania to Alamo” is a song based on the true story of 3 local Pennsylvania men who traveled to Texas and volunteered to fight at the Alamo. “My One Regret” is a musical highlight as it features award-winning drummer Steve Mitchell, of Lewisburg, on percussion. This song was recorded on-site in Mitchell’s home studio in Lewisburg. All songs were recorded and engineered by Jason Perez, of Danville.

I have been so fortunate to have the musical experiences that have come with the past 20 albums. I’ve played with some of Pennsylvania’s finest musicians. I’ve performed on stages in front of thousands of people and I’ve sung on cinders by old iron furnaces for a few dozen listeners. I’ve shared my songs with coal miners, loggers, river rats, ridge runners, farmers, frackers, anti-frackers, beer drinkers, coffee sippers, old folks, youngin’s, and everyone in-between. A heart-felt thank you to all who have made these 20 albums possible. I love you Pennsylvania!

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