Pub Hang w/ THIRD LEG
Thur OCT 31 @ 7:30pm

Third Leg is Jon Spearly, Kevin Sims, and Justin Dorsey

A psychobilly power trio spewing flames and crushing skulls, riding in on a chopped up Indian just in time for all you hepcat ghosts and ghouls this Halloween, Third Leg is the newest adventure for veteran Centre County musicians John Spearly (guitar and vocals), Justin Dorsey (doghouse bass), and Kevin Sims (drums). With playing credits ranging from symphony orchestras to horror core punk rock, this versatile group of musicians can and does whatever they choose to with the aplomb of seasoned veterans. Fronted by the melodious tenor and prepossessing face of Spearly, anchored by the incessant slap and driving groove of a rhythm section 24 years in the making, this is a group not to be ignored. Bring your dancing shoes because Third Leg’s psychobilly swing will keep you rocking and rolling long into the night, leaving your body taught with rigor mortis before you shuffle off this mortal coil!

NOTE: Our Thursday Night Pub Hang is a down-home musical scene. Hosted by local musicians, sittin’ in, mixin’ it up most nights. No cover – the pickers are playing for their love of music, our food ‘n’ brews + your tips!

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