Sat APR 6 @ 8pm | Sun APR 7 @ 6pm

Tickets $42/adv

A powerful new trio of master musicians reveling in a sonic landscape created out of thin air.
Bobby Previte is a composer and performer whose work explores the nexus between notated and improvised music. One of the seminal figures of the 80s New York ‘Downtown’ scene, Previte has received multiple awards for music composition, most recently the Greenfield Prize for Music and a Guggenheim Fellowship. He leads a plethora of ensembles from his instrument, the drums. including Blueprints—projected/conducted historical fragments, Rhapsody— acoustic song cycle, Mass—metal + medieval, Terminals—concertos for soloist and So Percussion.
“His ensembles speak in visionary tongues.”—The New Yorker
Jamie Saft is a virtuoso pianist, keyboardist, producer, and composer from New York. His stylistic versatility, multi-instrumentalist capabilities, and production skills have been featured with Beastie Boys, Bad Brains, HR, The B-52’s, John Adams, Laurie Anderson, Donovan, Antony and the Johnsons, and Iggy Pop. Saft leads the New Zion Trio, The Jamie Saft Trio, and The Jamie Saft Quartet.
Guitar explorer Nels Cline is best known these days as the lead guitarist in the band Wilco. His recording and performing career — spanning jazz, rock, punk and experimental — is well into its fourth decade, with over 200 recordings, including at least 30 for which he is leader. Cline has received many accolades including Rolling Stone anointing him as both one of 20 “new guitar gods” and one of the top 100 guitarists of all time (which is, of course, completely absurd).

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