Sun FEB 14 @ 6:00pm

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Tickets $19.50/advance.

“Oh, we gonna have a big party up in there!”

So promises Preston Frank of this Valentine’s Day Big Daddy Zydeco show at Elk Creek. Given the legendary intensity of the zydeco player’s live shows, it’s easy to believe him.  This gonna be a real dance party!

Joining him will be former members of Donna The Buffalo -a band deeply influenced by Preston-  Jim Miller + Jed Greenberg, plus killer Red Dog Run/Evil City fiddler Rosie Newton, and drummer Ryan Cady.

We will be clearing the dance floor and serving up a Creole Love Bird Dinner featuring Gumbo, Jambalaya, Shrimps, Mussels + more!!  Dinner is a la carte and is not included in ticket price.  Seating is first come, open community tables front and back.


Zydeco, the accordion led, backbeat driven Black Creole music of Southwest Louisiana, came early for Frank, a fourth generation musician. As he remembers, “I started off with accordion. My dad had one in the house and all. There was this old man that was my step grandfather, well he’d play music. Pretty much three, four songs… When I was a youngin,’ they had house bands and stuff; my parents would play music together. And they had a house band; parties. They’d cook and have a good time. I was more interested in, when I was young though, growing up, in rock and roll music and blues and stuff.”

There is a rock n roll influence in Frank’s brand of zydeco, certainly. The genre which stemmed off of Louisiana La-La music only came to its own in the past 60 years or so, so the rock influence shows itself in zydeco just as much as blues and traditional Creole music. Yet, Frank manages to keep tradition close.



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