Sat NOV 5 @ 8:00pm

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Parsonsfield is a five-piece Americana band from Leverett, MA that infuses a rowdy, rock-‘n’-roll spirit into its bluegrass and folk influences, blowing away any preconception of what you think banjos and mandolins should sound like.

Dear Friends,

After six months of performing in costume, we were thirsty to be ourselves, and to find a space that sounded as different from the dead acoustics of the theatre as possible. We stumbled upon the old Collins axe factory in Collinsville, CT, an island of old Americana in a vast ocean of suburbia. The walls and ceilings were coated in a thick veneer of sawdust. The first two days were spent sweeping and coughing. On day three, the acoustics of the room revealed themselves when a hand-clap sustained for five seconds. We found our space.

Over eight months of writing and recording in the axe factory, mixed with our first tour of the great American west, we found our inspiration. Blooming Through The Black comes from the desire to find rebirth amongst pain and death. Over the three years since our first record, weve gone through countless struggles and triumphs and weve learned to work through them together. Weve learned to write from a collective conscience and to express ourselves in new contexts. Like the first flower emerging from the ashes of a fire, the songs began to grow.

We called upon Sam Kassirer, our trusted ally, to help us turn a grove of trees into a thick forest. The end result is a collection of ten songs that we see as our best work yet. They range from personal to abstract, inspired by characters unborn and animals destroyed. They are about accepting the inevitable and finding the beauty that lies beneath the surface.

Blooming Through The Black is out September 9th!



PS. See you out there on the road!

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