Marah-Bielanko Brothers
Sat MAY 20 @ 8pm

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Back in the USA. Ears ringing.

On MAY 20th @ 8pm MARAH’s Dave/Surge Bielanko will be joined by Philadelphia’s greatest ring man SLO-MO and will perform in a stripped down and revealing fashion in their beloved hometown “Local” the Elk Creek Cafe in downtown MILLHEIM PA.

After a loud and non-stop european Rock N Roll tour we will get back to basics. The SONGS. If you live in Penn’s Valley and have never encountered MARAH you should see this. These are some of our favorite shows anywhere and MAY 20th will be a special and comprehensive evening of music/spirit/soul/brotherhood.
We can change your mind. You will need to buy a ticket.
Image: Marah/London, England/May 2017/by Cesare Carugi.

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