Sat FEB 22 @ 8:00pm

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Stepping onto the scene just under a year ago, local alt-country outfit  MaaM  combines original songwriting talent with classic western sensibilities. Founders of the band, Araelia Lopatic and Tiger Cabus, share a vision of alt-country music which has deep roots in the bygone eras of the 60s and 70s  yet the vitality and excitement of their songs prove to be a unique sound entirely unto themselves.

Following their 2019 release of their debut album  Cant Talk, Being Chased  MaaM showcased that their delicate and nuanced taste for classic country can fluidly translate into their noisier and darker live performances. Thanks, in large part to Lopatics punk acumen and Cabus skill as a soloist, MaaM delivers that sweet rockn roll noise unlike any country band youve ever seen. Bass player and collaborator, Jeremy Mertz, adds to the mix well over a decade of performing and composing experience, as well as his own punk pedigree assuring the ensemble is dynamic and stylistically informed.

Are they country? Are they punk? With influences ranging from Gram Parson to the Melvins, youll have to hear em to find out. Either way youre in for a way-down-home, rip-roarin night thatll leave your bottles empty and your honky-tonk hearts full.

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