Sat FEB 4 @ 8:00pm

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LeMont is the eclectic band bringing to life a new set of songs by Pennsylvania native Jason McIntyre. Now living in Denver, Colorado, Jason has been a familiar face to the Central Pennsylvania music scene for the past two decades with groups like The Rustlanders, Little Townes, and The Contraband. Along side Jason stand an impressively talented lineup of musical souls, longtime collaborators and friends. Guitarist Junior Tutwiler and bassist Corry Drake from The Rustlanders, fiddler Daniel Collins, vocalist Kate Twoey, and keyboardist James Harton from The Contraband, and the infectious beat of drummer Kevin Lowe build the sonic landscape that highlight the lyric sensibilities of McIntyre’s writing.

LeMont is a group inspired by the music of the great rock and roll bands of the 1970s, the famed Texas Troubadours, and the great blues legendsRocking and melodic, thoughtful and witty, reflective and socially conscious LeMont takes listeners on a musical journey through the hills and backroads of central Pennsylvania transversing the landscape with a sympathy and intrigue for the human complexities that face us all. 

Their new self produced 11 song record —titled Bloomsday — to be officially released in the spring of 2017 is a testament to their craft as writers and performers. Recorded over the past year in Central Pennsylvania, Denver Colorado, and Hollywood California, and mix and mastered by the legendary Tom “Bone” Edmonds (Todd Rundgren, Lenny Kravitz) the album brings to life a longtime musical journey between friends. Interweaving sounds of slide guitar and fiddle, driving rhythms from eras passed, and inspired vocals create a rich tapestry of sound that is uniquely their own— uniquely LeMont.

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