Sat AUG 25 | 5-8pm

Join us for another Whole Hog Dinner! Chef Winston is preparing a four course Prix Fixe tasting menu featuring a Kunekune Pig from Black Valley Farm. This dinner is a cool collaboration between Elk Creek, Alana Foor of Black Valley Farm, and the good folks at Rising Spring Meat Co. The Kunekune is a breed of pig that is thought to be originally from New Zealand.  

The Kunekune pig is a grass eater which influences many things; efficiency on pasture, taste, even the type of fat on the pig. They are well known for their use in Charcuterie because of the amount of fat and the flavor of the meat. They are shorter than most pigs, their snouts are flat and wide, all to get their faces closer to the food. Black Valley Farm is a multi-species open-air farm near Everett, PA specializing in the breeding of Kunekune pigs. Rising Spring Meat Co. is a local-sourcing abattoir in Spring Mills. We are presenting a one of a kind dinner from a one of a kind master-type of a one of a kind pig! Come meet the pig farmer, butcher, and Chef. It would be our pleasure for you to join us for a memorable experience. Seating is limited.


Manteca Colorada 
Pork Rillettes with Garlic, Sherry and Pimenton on Crostini with pickled Garlic Scapes, Olives and Capers

Lardon and Poached Egg Salad 
Frisee w/ Red Wine, Tarragon and Honey Vinaigrette, Watermelon Radishes Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes and Pickled Grapes

Grilled Boneless Chop
topped with Confitted Shoulder, Blueberry Winkleblink Gastrique resting on a Tomato, Sweet Corn and New potato Gratin surrounded with Honey Cardamom Cream

Pies like Gramma made 
Chocolate Chiffon Pie with Bourbon whipped cream and lard crust
Vanilla Blueberry Cream Pie with lard crust