KRISTI JEAN + her Ne’er-Do-Wells
Sat MAY 18 @ 8:00pm

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Tickets $10/adv

There was a collision of musical styles in the early 1950’s: traditional country artists and their steel guitars ran headlong into a new jumpin’ style of jazz and rhythm-and-blues with gritty guitars and cranked amplifiers. The result was the harbinger of rockabilly and early rock n’ roll. The collision was a musical big-bang with a bright flash; but the flash was short-lived. Within a few years, the rockabilly and rock n’ roll artists shunned their country roots. Kristi and Her Ne’er-Do-Wells re-introduces those twanging rockabilly guitars and slappin’ doghouse basses with their steel guitar and country yodelin’ roots. Get your dancing shoes ready!
Kristi Jean: Lead vocals
Jim Baughman: Doghouse Bass / vocals
Steve Branstetter: Lead Guitar
Sean Hershey: Drums
Dave Mudgett: Steel Guitar
Mike Russell: Rhythm guitar / vocals


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