SAT OCT 28 | 8p

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Tickets: $15

On the heels of releasing their killer new album, The Siren’s Song, and touring this summer as the opening act for Wilco, Kacy & Clayton are landing in Millheim with their firecracker quartet! This a show you ain’t gonna want to miss!!

The music of Kacy and Clayton exists outside of time, and burgeons with beautiful contradictions. It’s psychedelic and traditional, contemporary and vintage, melancholic and joyous. All at once, it showcases a slightly psych-folk sound of Linda Perhacs, Fleet Foxes, and First Aid Kit; rare country blues records and English folk tunes; and 1920s disaster songs and murder ballads. Their songs often are sugar-coated pills, tales of murderous jealousy, dilapidated graveyards, and infanticide, all delivered with Kacy Anderson’s sweet, lithe voice, and Clayton Linthicum’s hypnotic fingerpicking. And for the duo, the subject matter is lterally close to home. They are second cousins who grew up in the Wood Mountain Uplands, an isolated region in southern Saskatchewan. It is ranch country, very remote, with a landscape punctuated with hills, 12 miles from the Montana borde. Neighbors were scarce, and their’s was a long drive into town. “Where we come from its kin of a step behind society,” Kacy says, “We had a lot of time to take in our surroundings. Characters are still very strong”.

Their music has resonated far beyond Saskatchewan, earning them fans culled from their long tours across North America and the U.K. Clayton says it was a surprise to see that people in cities outside their small town connected with the music they loved. “You get the young record collecting nerds like us that come out,” he says, “and the more obsessive older crowds that were like those younger people 45 years ago.”

Clayton says their stripped-down sound is an iconoclastic thing in the age of overproduced albums. There’s something defiant about just a guitar and vocals, breaking away from the present to create a world from the past. As Clayton surmises: “The most rebellious thing you can do is rebel against the rebellion.

Clayton Linthicum – electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, piano, pedal steel, recorder, Marxophone
Kacy Anderson – vocals, acoustic and 12-string guitar, fiddle
Mike Silverman – drums, percussion
Shuyler Jansen – electric bass, Fender Bass VI




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