Sun NOV 17 @ 5:00pm

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Tickets $15/advance

Artist, writer, singer, guitar picker, painter, claw hammer banjo player, eco-village member and believer in all things possible. Youll be pulled in by the magic and musical world he creates and youll end up in the moment, humming & buzzing with the rest of the crowd. Hell sing to you ~ Youll sing with himHes plumbing for lyrical gold, like some kind of social archeologist. His story songs are universal, masterful and his concerts are a grand celebration of all of us.

He believes in stories.

Come to a showYoull ride along mystical, historical, and humorous roads, and twist through personal stories along the way. Amber eyes, Oklahoma towns, rattlesnake tails, Grandmother Moons, Galway heather, meter maids and silver crowns. At the end of the night, youll leave inspired, with a renewed sense of whats possible. The Long Note is a phrase used in Irish culture~ The Long Note is that place of resonance and transcendence where the music, the voices, the instruments, and the community ALL come together and unite

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