Sat APR 21 @ 8pm

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Rockabilly and blues fans, eat your heart out and gird your loins. Hannah Taylor has been a city slickin’, bar crooning, party animal sultress of Philadelphia for over 5 years. Dubbed “Queen of Country Night” at Bob and Barbara’s in South Philadelphia, her sassy and soulful singing will lead you to an underworld of dark bars and glamorous messes. Backed by the Rekardo Lee Trio (formed over 10 years ago), plus four years of practicing in a former funeral parlor has shaped the band’s sound into a blend of gritty blues and straight rock, influenced heavily by the British rock scene from the 60s-70s. If you’re in the mood to party, follow these guys – because they’re leading the parade.

Hannah Taylor, Rekardo Lee, Chris Bicksler, Alec Meltzer


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