Sat DEC 5 @ 8:00pm

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Tickets $12 advance, $16 at the door.

“Neo-hillbillies with a twist, Frog Holler plays mountain blues and country as accessible and modern as the most hummable pop” – (The Washington Post)

“Fifteen years after forming, the Berks County outfit have managed to stay together and procure scads of acclaim-from NPR, No Depression, The Washington Post and countless others-thanks largely to the down-home sweetness of their loose, melodic strain of alt-country. But it’s also because the guys are genuine, playing what they like instead of burying their instincts in pretense or posturing”. (Doug Wallen Philly Weekly) 

“Darren Schlappich is a real-deal storyteller, mixing everyday language and creative phrasing to produce vivid, exciting images that make you smile, tug on your heart, offer hard-earned wisdom – or do all three. Sweet melodies, rock crunch, and varied instrumentation make songs you can’t get out of your head. All this band has to offer is talent, great songs, and consistency”. (No Depression)

“Frog Holler come closer than any other current roots act to recapturing the communal spirit and rustic North Americana sound perfected, maybe even invented, by the Band” (The Independent (NC))

“a band whose star seems to keep rising with each passing year” – (Liz Spikol Philly Weekly)

“Great songwriting, deliriously entertaining live act” (The Village Voice)

“Frog Holler has a growing rep as a killer live band” (Fred Mills No Depression)

“Schlappich continues to stand head and shoulders above most Americana songwriters”. – (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

“Frog Holler create some of the best Americana/alt-country ever committed to tape”. (Discoveries)

“Frog Holler has managed to cultivate killer cred as a live act of Bottle Rockets proportion”. (Brian Barr, Harp Magazine)

“All it took was one listen to these haunted rural road songs and your humble host once again found himself falling in love with a band”. (Vin Scelsa Idiots Delight WFUV)

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