Sat NOV 14 @ 8:00pm

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Rare Freakin’ PA Appearance!!
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Elk Creek Café + Aleworks is tremendously honored to host Freakwater, Saturday November 14!

Originally emerging out of the underground and alternative punk rock scene in Louisville, Kentucky, Freakwater’s Janet Bean and Catherine Irwin first put their harmonies to tape under a swinging Kentucky country ham in Janet’s parent’s basement, later playing their first show together at a Louisville strip club/punk rock open-mic night. That was 1985.

Amoeba Records in Los Angeles released the first LP by Janet’s other band Eleventh Dream Day. The label’s owner and sole employee was a huge Carter Family freak from Eastern Kentucky who, when a copy of Catherine and Janet’s Swinging Ham Sessions” tape fell into his hands, immediately agreed to pay for recording their at Chicago’s famous James Bond studio.

Probably the biggest thing to result from Freakwater’s first of seven records to date (Freak Water, 1989) was meeting their future and all-time bass player, Dave Gay. Janet and Catherine and Dave have been the steely heart of the band ever since. Freakwater’s darkly beautiful songs have been compared (mostly favorably) to practically anyone from the world of “outsider country” or “Americana” one might feel unworthy of being compared to.

After 30 years together, including seven albums, several solo albums, and recordings on a number of compilations, Catherine and Janet’s unflinching lyrics and compelling vocal harmonies continue to make Freakwater possibly the most consistently unique Americana country act of their time, despite both the pitfalls and the conscious choices that have kept them under the radar of greater recognition. There is a powerful continuity to their work but the band has never been constrained by any musical category. There is no band like Freakwater but Freakwater.

The band will be releasing their first new album in nearly 10 years on Bloodshot records later in 2015, so the show, featuring a six-person lineup including Morgan Geer, Neal Argabright, Anna Krippenstaple and Dave Gay, will very likely feature brand new material as well as multiple samplings from their back catalog.

In short, this is an exceedingly rare chance to see one of the greatest, most compelling, most confounding, and most unique Americana bands in the last 3 decades.  And only in Millheim at the Elk Creek Café + Aleworks.


For more information about the band see: and

Janet’s other band, Eleventh Dream Day, also just released a terrific new album, Works for Tomorrow released on the Thrill Jockey label and reviewed favorably here:


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