Fri JUNE 26 | 4-5pm

Bringing Beer + food to town!

Not that we want to discourage anyone from making a trip through beautiful Penns Valley, but we thought we’d start bringing a little of the Valley to you.

Thanks to the generous offer of Todd and Julia Erdley, we will be dropping off pre-orders of our great beer and burritos at Videon Central on Friday, from 5:00 – 6:00pm. Order by 8:00pm Thursday (or until soldout). Then show up to Parking Lot #1 at the appointed time, and BAM!

Ordering Instructions:
1. Select this link  . . . .  ORDER ONLINE
2. Select a pick up time between 4-5pm on Friday, June 26
3. Choose “Wednesday – Videon Pickup” as your menu
4. Place your order + pick up at Videon

Videon Central, Inc is located at 2171 Sandy Dr, State College, PA 16803, just off Science Park Road.

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