Elk Creek Beer

Signature + Seasonal/Rotating Brews

Elk Creek Craft Beer

We invite you to visit our cafe and taste the difference in our craft beer. In addition to our five standard beers, we craft a variety of seasonal favorites guaranteed to satisfy. Whether you like light and crisp, bright and hoppy, or dark and toasty, you’ll find what your palate is craving at Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks.

Seasonal/Rotating Beers on Tap

Big Trout Oat Stout

Creamy and smooth, slightly sweet with subtle roasted notes. A very easy drinking black beer.

5.7% ABV

Weather Rock IPA

Old school West Coast IPA. Malty, yet balanced with loads of Cascade and Palisade hoppy goodness.

5.9% ABV


The lightest of our offerings, this American Wheat Ale has a pleasing flavor suggesting fresh bread. 

4.5 % ABV

Olde Millheim Strong Ale

Need we say more?

7.5% ABV

Little Village MFA

Some say it’s Millheim’s Finest Ale. Others say it’s a Mighty Fine Ale. The MFA is a style-defying, palate-pleasing, exceptionally satisfying balanced beer. 

7.5 % ABV

 Standard Beers

Great Blue Heron Pale Ale

Great Blue Heron Pale Ale

Much like the local icon it is named for, our version of American Pale Ale has a bold character. We add a healthy dose of hops in both the kettle and the finishing tank.

5.6% ABV

Double Rainbow IPA

Double Rainbow IPA

Named for the spectacular and complete double rainbow that appeared in the northwest sky just outside the brewhouse during the inaugural mash in. With a foot in both the new and old worlds, this IPA is generously dry-hopped with English Fuggles, resulting in a strong, deep golden, very fresh, and fruity English flavor and aroma.

7.5% ABV?

Elk Creek Copper Ale

Elk Creek Copper Ale

This beautifully colored ale strikes an agreeable balance between malt and hops. Caramel + toffee notes from the use of more highly kilned malts step up to complement this beers assertive hop profile.

5.8% ABV?

Brookie Brown Ale

Brookie Brown Ale

Proof that all dark beers, like trout, are not created equal. Chocolate and caramel malt flavors are at the heart of this very accessible and drinkable brown ale.

5.2% ABV?

Elk Creek Poe Paddy Porter

Poe Paddy Porter

Named for our beloved State Park this Robust Porter draws its uniquely enticing roasted character from a thoughtful combination of malts. Generous hop additions ensure a satisfying beer drinking experience.

5.8% ABV?