Chris Rattie

Chris Rattie + the Brush Valley Rumblers
Sat OCT 24th @ 8:00pm

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featuring The Strayers!

When Chris Rattie made his way back home to the rolling hills of Brush Valley, he began sorting through the up’s and down’s, the victories, and the failures of his musical career. It wasn’t long before Chris began writing songs again, channeling all of the experience of living out of a van and playing from town to town, state to state. Throughout the fall and winter of 2012, in a small, isolated studio in Central Pennsylvania, Chris began recording what would become All These Things. Driving over frozen country roads and passing Amish buggies, it was a long way from the fast pace and plastic veneer of a studio on the Sunset Strip. Chris says, “I didn’t know I was making a record at the time. I was just recording with my brother for the fun of it. We were searching for new sounds and looking for a different path. I was busting my ass on a Christmas tree farm during the day and recording all night in this lonely studio, tiring times!” There was a wiser, world hardened voice singing the lyrics now, sometimes cynical, sometimes hopeful. “There’s an end to all these things–this hard life brings” Chris sings on the gentle title track.

With All These Things, Chris Rattie has given us a handful of tunes embedded with the truth. Every one of them, whether hopeful or bleak, embrace whatever cycle the songs character happens to be in. In all of these songs the old constants ; love, life, failure, and resurgence still hold true, and ring through every note. Now, with his band, The Brush Valley Rumblers, Chris is back to it and running the motor hot. This rough and rowdy powerhouse band is the perfect vehicle for the raw emotion contained in his new collection of songs. The cycle has taken a turn towards the excitement of new beginnings. Things have come full circle yet again.
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