Sun JUN 12 @ 5:00pm

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Although Bobby Previte is a great drummer, his pen appears to be mightier still. Downbeat

Previte’s music rolls along like an 18-wheeler eating up Interstate 15 through the Arizona-Nevada desert. CD Review

Bobby Previte is in many ways the archetypal 21st Century Musician: open-eared, adventurous, uncategorizable, technically flawless. The Penguin Musicians Guide

He can break your heart with one cymbal crash. Jazziz

In 1996, Bobby Previte rolled through the USA with his young “Weather Clear, Track Fast” band, introducing a new generation of musicians to the scene, including three whose stars have shone brightly since – Jamie Saft, Cuong Vu, and Andrew D’Angelo. Now, twenty years later, Previte again presents to you some of the stars of tomorrow from the Brooklyn scene: Mike Gamble, guitar, Michael Kammers, saxophone and organ, and Kurt Kotheimer, bass. Together, they are BOBBY PREVITE and the VISITORS. Just returned from a barnstorming tour of Europe, the band will be holed up in Previte’s studio the week before this date, finishing their second recording. They will be ready to let it rip.

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